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Articles by Colleen Smart, Owner Daybreak Home Transitions for Seniors

Fraud Is Not A Fool's Game

If there are no typical fraud victims, why then do we worry that our grandmother or spouse may be tricked into a malicious scheme. Read more…

Changing Gears with Senior Move Managers

The role of a Senior Move Manager is relatively new to the market. This article explores who move managers are, and how they can take the stress out of senior’s transition. Read more…

Senior Move Management – Advocates for Seniors

Moving is certainly not easy! In fact, one study ranks moving as third in major stress events. For seniors, especially those with chronic disabilities or illnesses, the experience can be overwhelming. Read more…

Relocation Stress Syndrome

Just the word ‘move’ can tie us up in knots. The young, the elderly, the children – even pets and plants, respond with an anxious tremble at the thought of moving to a new place. Whether we’re making a local change or we’re relocating to a brand new environment and life style, moving stirs up a pot full of charged emotions. Read more…

Articles of Interest

Are Your Loved One’s Memory Lapses Merely Awkward? Or Are They More Serious?

(The Care Guide, “Aging and Memory Loss”)

“Sure, none of us are as young as we used to be. And as we watch our loved ones grow older we expect to see a little decline in memory. But what’s normal and what’s not? How do we tell whether a loved one is experiencing normal age-related memory loss.” Read more…

How to Improve Your ..... “Watcha Call It?”

The Canadian Academy of Senior Advisors

Many older people worry about becoming forgetful. In the past, memory loss and confusion were considered part of aging. But now scientists know most people remain alert and able as they age; however, it may take a little longer to remember things -- normal memory lapses. Read more…

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