Whether you have already decided to move into a smaller place, or you are preparing your home for sale, one thing is for certain: you are going to have to downsize. At Daybreak we prefer to think of it as “Rightsizing”.

The word “downsizing” infers sacrificing, or getting rid of something that is important to you. “Rightsizing” is all about making mindful and practical choices about your environment so that you surround yourself only with the things you truly love and actually use.

Getting rid of things you don’t need is a freeing experience; holding on to excess stuff weighs you down and ends up costing you more money when you move and have to clear your home for the new owner.

The Daybreak Professionals work one on one with you to provide rightsizing advice. We are experts at designing for smaller places. With our customized floor plan, you’ll find it easier to see and appreciate just what you can take with you.

We can also take care of the things that you won’t be needing anymore. This could involve selling, dispersal to family, donation or disposal.