Are you looking for trusted help to relocate you or your parents?

Look no further. Bob and Colleen Smart, with Daybreak Moving Solutions for Seniors, have been awarded the designation of Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist™ (CRTS™) in October 2008.

Daybreak Moving Solutions for Seniors was incorporated in September 2008 and serves the senior market in the Greater Vancouver area, including North & West Vancouver. Daybreak specializes in assisting seniors with home downsizing and offers a full spectrum of physical, emotional and social transition support.

CRTS™ graduates are project managers, and more. A CRTS™ is qualified to act as an agent to seniors and their families faced with the overwhelming task of scaling down a home for a move to a smaller residence or a senior community or retirement residence.

A CRTS™ also works with housing administrators and caregivers and provides a full menu of services to assist clients with everything from space planning, home organization and allocation of possessions to sale, charity, donation and more. CRTS™ professionals manage all aspects of relocation right down to packing, unpacking and helping to identify all business resources required for each home transition.

The CRTS™ designation is a symbol of insured, secure and qualified business owners in the fast growing senior relocation industry. Daybreak Moving Solutions for Seniors is dedicated to the standards, principles and practices of the CRTS™ accreditation program and the many benefits this much needed service will bring to their clients.